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Josh and Shelby

American Canyon, CA

As everyone set out to start the party, Josh and Shelby stood against the California sunset. No longer bride and groom, no longer boyfriend and girlfriend. They stood side by side as husband and wife and their faces displayed the joy those titles gave them. Josh looked at his wife admiring what he saw. “She’s so beautiful, “ he said, as he pulled her in for a warm embrace.

Kyla and Kalista

 Sausalito, CA

Kalista and Kyle met at a sailing class in Long Beach, CA. Kyle was the sailing instructor and Kalista was his only female on board that day. The couple hit it off after their first date and Kalista spent the next year taking 3 different sailing courses and skippering every possible on-the-water sailing class of his that she could. 


Zac and Emily

Calistoga, CA

"When we first started planning our wedding we lived in Boston – 3,000 miles away from Napa, but we knew we wanted to get married at a winery and we were lucky enough to have my parents in Marin to help us. When I envisioned our wedding, I wanted it to be romantic, intimate, and fun. Our wedding day was filled with so much love and it was everything we had dreamed it would be."  -Emily.


Marcus and Nicole

Brooklyn, New York

Marcus and Nicole originally about 16 years ago in school, but it wasn't until two years ago that they finally started dating.  Their adventure began on a vacation in NYC, so they decided to hold their wedding where the magic began.  It was a fantastic destination wedding weekend for all who attended.

Stephen and Jamie

Clearwater, FL

Stephen and Jamie met in Los Angeles and live in Delaware. They decided to have their nuptials in Florida and wow what a time it was. Friends and family came from all over the country to help them celebrate an amazing relationship. This was a wedding I wish I could relive over and over. I guess I will have to just watch the video over and over. 

Jason and Nicole

San Francisco, CA

These lovebirds wed at San Francisco’s radiant Bluxome Street Winery. They decided on a friends only party with incredible french food, fine wine. But do not forget Barret the puppy! Did I mention the food (nom nom nom).

Dan and Kristen

Morgan Hill, CA

These two were a dream to work with. The wedding was help at her childhood home in beautiful Morgan Hill. The house looked amazing and the feeling of family couldn't help but to fill the atmosphere. I for one think that having a wedding at home is something that no venue can beat.